Gallery Hours: Wednesday 6 - 9 pm, Saturday 1 - 5 pm.
Evenings and Afternoons available for scheduled
programs & by appointment.



Continuous Service Since 1976




was founded in 1976 by Mount Vernon artists. Its first arts program was for the most underdeveloped communities of the County. It was a summer program called Westchester Artists In The Streets. In 1980, AC-BAW rented an abandoned furniture store on Fourth Avenue. It entered a joint program with the City of Mount Vernon City, local banks and the Gannett Foundation to develop a program to use the arts and culture in the commercial redevelopment of the community. The facility was renovated by high school dropouts. It was the arts critics’ choice as the Gallery of the Year. In the past 35 years, AC-BAW has brought world-class exhibitions, concerts and lectures to downtown Mount Vernon. The Gallery has been the cultural heart and hope of Mount Vernon’s Downtown.

We look forward to a new era of growth and cultural service to the developing communities of Westchester. As we begin a new quarter century of arts programs, we will reach out to the community for partnerships and cooperation in our efforts to continue to blend culture and commerce ON THE AVENUE. We look forward to working with artists, the City, our schools, community groups and arts patrons to revive and restore a New AC-BAW Center for the Arts.


Mission Statement

To improve, promote and strengthen the state of the visual arts in the developing
communities of Westchester County. Provide economic opportunity for professional
artists via its exhibition and teaching programs.

Demonstrate the fact that art and artists are an integral aspect of community revitalization and development.AC-BAW welcomes all ethnicities, political views and spiritual beliefs.
AC-BAW itself is not affiliated with, or expressively supportive of any political
philosophy or religious organization.


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